About Principal :

Dr. S. Seshasree is a passionate educator and currently Principal of Y.V.Rao Siddhartha College of Education. She has been the driving force for hundreds of students in B.Ed and M.Ed, over the past 31 years in teaching and research. Over her vast experience, she gained expertise in different areas of Education like Biological sciences, environmental education, philosophical and sociological foundations, psychological foundations which included perspectives in child development, learning & teaching and classroom management, along with Research Methodology that she teaches for M.Ed students.

Dr.Seshasree has been the supervisory board member since 2015 and Board of studies Member since 2018, of Krishna University. She worked as Co-investigator in Project concerning Andhra Pradesh Primary Education. She passionately researched on Comprehensive study of - creativity of science and social-studies teachers at Secondary grade level. She authored/ co-authored various books of which “Pedagogy of Biological Sciences”, “School Culture, Leadership and Teacher Development” , “Classroom Management, Leadership and Action Research”, “Methods of Teaching Biological Science” are a few to name.

Dr. Seshasree has always been humble, dedicated, collaborative and inspiring. It can be proved by her outstanding ability as a Principal of Siddhartha College of Education and Dr. K.K.R’s Gowtham College of Education for 2.5 years, a lecturer in Montessori Mahila College of Education for 8.5 years, PGT in KCP Siddartha Adarsh Residential public school for over an year, a lecturer for Boilogical sciences in DNR college of education, Bhimavaram for 18 years.

Besides being an educator, she actively participated in various workshops and training programs. The workshop organized by SCERT; training programme in “Motivation for primary teachers” organized by Regional Institute of education, Mysore (NCERT); Workshop at SGS IASE, Rajahmundry; Master trainer training programme for National green corps atHyderabad by Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board;UGC sponsored orientation programme at Andhra University; Orientation training programme by CCRT, New Delhi- at Bangalore, are a few to mention.